Monthly Cash Prize Draw   (Drawn on the fourth Tuesday every month)



This is an initiative by the Lodge to generate much needed regular income, while at the same time giving something back to participants as prize money, (50% of the income from the Draw is shared as prize money). The monthly subscription is only £5, but the benefits in terms of the regular income to the Lodge are huge, and allow us to continue with the ongoing program of improvements to the Lodge premises which have undergone major internal decoration and repairs over recent years and are now looking a lot better. 


We would therefore like to continue to encourage new subscribers to the Lodge Monthly Draw (you don't have to be a member) to permit these ongoing enhancements.

A Standing Order form can be downloaded here which can be used either for online banking or handed to your bank. Email the Lodge Treasurer for further details on how to take part.


The latest Lodge Cash Prize Draw took place on the date shown below in the MT, Loudoun St., Mauchline, the winning numbers were drawn and witnessed by the Lodge Office Bearers present on the evening.


25th June 2024 - Prize Draw #173

The Cash Prize Fund for this month was £70.00

                                                                                   1st Prize      No.11        Mr  S. McCarlie             £35
                                                                                   2nd Prize    No.30       Mr J. Doole                     £21
                                                                                   3rd Prize     No.45       Mrs N. McRobert         £14



Congratulations to the above winners, and thanks again for your ongoing support !


The next draw will take place on 23rd Jul 2024. 



"'ve got to be in it to win it ! "

The Lodge St David Monthly Cash Prize Draw is a private lottery administered in accordance with the GAMBLING ACT 2005 Small Society Lotteries (Registration of Non-Commercial Societies) Regulations 2007, East Ayrshire Council License No. M14.  Fifty percent of the income is allocated to prizes, the other fifty percent is used to further the aims of the Lodge.  The Lottery is drawn on the fourth Tuesday every month.  Winners will be published on this page every month.  A full list of past winners is available from the Lodge Secretary on request.  The promoter is the Lodge Treasurer.